2019 CFUW Guelph Scholarship & Award Recipients

University of Guelph Scholarship winners:

Alexine McLeod (Masters of Fine Art)

Alexine McLeod received the 2019 CFUW Guelph Master of Fine Arts Scholarship for her achievements in studio art at the University of Guelph. Originally from Vancouver, Alexine has an interdisciplinary practice in which digital projections and found objects are combined to create layered compositions of form and shadow.

Alexine’s website is http://www.alexinemcleod.com

Acacia Markov (Engineering)

Acacia is a fourth year Water Resources Engineering student in the co-operative program.   Her education and work placements have thus far, provided ample opportunities to explore both environmental science and engineering, and she is planning to do a research internship in Australia this coming fall. Following graduation in the spring of 2020, she hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in environmental sciences, specifically geomorphology or coastal ecosystems. 

Surangi Thilakarathna (Nutritional Sciences Graduate award)


Surangi is a fourth-year PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Amanda Wright and also a mother of two little girls. For her PhD project she studied the digestion and absorption of solid fat vs liquid oil using different digestion models, i.e. in vitro laboratory models and in healthy human male adults. Before coming to Canada, she completed an undergraduate degree in Agriculture and an MSc. in Food and Nutrition, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. She did a second MSc. in Agriculture biology, Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie and researched the effect of apple peel bioactives on different biomarkers of cardiovascular disease using in vitro laboratory models and an animal model. During the past few years she has studied and researched how food and food components affect health and disease and she strongly believes in the saying “we are what we eat”. She is very interested in pursuing a career in research on food, nutrition and health.

Community College Award Winners

Victoria Bemah (Conestoga College, Health Sciences)

Rukiye Cos (Conestoga College), and

Jocelyn Gascho (Conestoga College, ECE)

Stephanie Scott  (Sheridan College, Social Service Worker)