Covid-19 Emergency Food Relief

CFUW Guelph COVID-19 Emergency Food Relief Fund


The phrase “We are all in this together” is truer now than ever. We have all been affected by the Covid-19 crisis. We know the frightening statistics about the tragic loss of life in long-term care homes; we have all been isolated from friends and family, and some of us may have been personally touched. These are difficult times.

As always, marginalized and low-income neighborhoods are impacted even more severely. Before the pandemic,  it was estimated that 16.4% of people in Guelph & Wellington County were food insecure. Since COVID-19 hit, there has been a significant increase in the need for emergency food while agencies providing these services face increased challenges due to physical distancing rules that reduce the number of volunteers.

Many CFUW Guelph members are privileged to have a steady source of income, and those of us who receive Old Age Security will receive a one-time increase, no questions asked. Some low-income essential workers have received additional wages while others continue to work for low pay with few, if any, benefits. Even during normal times, social assistance rates and minimum wage leave many people struggling below the poverty line. People on social assistance who need additional support during this crisis must document their additional costs.

CFUW Guelph Emergency Food Relief Fund

CFUW Guelph’s Executive and the Advocacy Committee are working together on an appeal to our members. We know that many of you have already made personal donations or may have helped through other organizations. There is no pressure to participate, but if you can help, we’d like to do it together.

To get us started our club executive has approved the use of $300 from our one-time community connections fund. We will donate this money to The SEED, a not-for-profit food project that delivers community programs to address food insecurity. The Seed is located at the Guelph Community Health Centre and was  created in 2015 by a coalition of community organizations. In normal times, they operate food collection & distribution to neighborhood food pantries, community kitchens, and community markets, providing garden-fresh food boxes at wholesale prices,  as well as work opportunities for youth.

During this pandemic, The SEED is coordinating with Harve$t Impact to coordinate food collection, packing and delivery of emergency food boxes and meals. Donations will be matched, so funds will go twice as far. Check them out at:

The Ask – Below is a list of local agencies/organizations that provide emergency food relief. You may know of others or have a favorite charity you already support. The choice is yours.

How to Participate

  • Please choose the agency/organization you wish to support.
  • Make your donation (any amount is appreciated) indicating that it is on behalf of the “CFUW Guelph Emergency Food Relief Fund.”
  • Email  using the subject heading “CFUW Guelph Emergency Food Relief Fund” so we can keep a tally of the numbers of CFUW members contributing.  If you wish, also include the agency name and amount (optional)
  • We will collect the number of donations made and an aggregate amount (where indicated) to report to the membership and to Ontario Council and/or National. Please note: Your donations are confidential – we will not be collecting donor names or individual donation amounts.