Will female politicians face more harassment after Ontario Court of Justice decision?

farbridgeFemale politicians have long faced an enormous amount of harassment that their male counterparts have not.

Karen Farbridge, the former, three-time Mayor of Guelph, spoke at our January general meeting on the subject of women in politics. Karen spoke about her experience dealing with the misogyny and prejudice faced by women who seek or hold public office and how social media has exacerbated this problem in recent years.

Other female Canadian politicians have also spoken about their experiences – in the 2014 municipal election, Olivia Chow and Kristen Wong-Tam were both attacked on the basis of gender and ethnicity. Hilary Clinton has been plagued by misogyny throughout her political career and it continues in her 2016 US Presidential election campaign.

In light of Karen’s comments, it is disturbing to listen to the recent discussion on CBC’s The Current about on-line harassment and the court’s decision that Gregory Alan Elliott is not guilty of criminal harassment of two women.