Privacy Policy


CFUW Guelph collects personal information to create a database of members. This database is used to publish a membership directory to:

  • allow members to communicate with each other
  • analyse membership trends
  • maintain a club website
  • provide services to our members such as a newsletter, event invitations, notices and other Club business
  • maintain a historical record in our archives
  • provide general membership numbers and names of Executive Committee members as required by the provincial, national and international Federations of University Women

The membership database will not be sold, loaned, or provided in any way to any other individual or organization. The membership directory is not to be used for marketing purposes. Members’ personal information may be excluded from the published directory upon request.


What is personal information?

Personal information means information about an identifiable individual. This includes an individual’s name, home address, email address and phone number, age, sex, marital or family status, any identifying number, financial information, educational history, etc.

What personal information does the Club collect?

The Club collects only the personal information that is needed for the purposes of providing services to members. Personal information is normally collected directly from members through the membership application form. The Club may collect your information from other persons with your consent or as authorized by law. Members will be informed before or at the time of collecting personal information, of the purposes for which it is being collected.

How does the Club safeguard personal information?

CFUW Guelph will make every reasonable effort to ensure that personal information is accurate and complete. Members are asked to notify us if there is a change to their personal information that may affect their relationship with our organization. If the Club is made aware of an error in our information it will be corrected on request wherever possible.  The Club will make every reasonable effort to prevent any loss, misuse, disclosure or modification of personal information, as well as any unauthorized access to personal information. When no longer needed for the stated purpose, personal information will be destroyed by shredding paper records and permanently deleting electronic records. Members whose role requires them to collect personal information are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Privacy Policy. This includes the Member Services Chair, Communications Chair, Executive Committee, Database Manager, Archivist, the Scholarship and Awards Committee and Interest group leaders.

Access to records containing personal information

Individuals have a right to access their own personal information in a record that is in the custody or under the control of the Club, subject to some exceptions. For example, if asked for access to their own personal information by an individual, organizations are required under the Personal Information Protection Act to refuse to provide any access to information that would also reveal personal information about another individual.

Emails sent to Groups

Emails sent to groups from the Communications Committee will be sent using the “blind carbon copy” (bcc) facility which protects members’ privacy and reduces spam. Interest groups are primarily social groups meant to allow members with a shared interest to communicate for the purpose of planning shared events. Therefore Interest group emails may include the names of members of the group.