Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures wins CFUW Library Award

July 7, 2016

Present in the photo are from left to right, Deb Thompson, CFUW Guelph, Tracey Otto, CFUW National, Lorri Sauve, Shelldale BBBF Program Director, Krisin Hohenadel, Shelldale BBBF Community Investment Coordinator and Teresa McKeeman, CFUW Guelph.

Present in the photo are from left to right, Deb Thompson, CFUW Guelph, Tracey Otto, CFUW National, Lorri Sauve, Shelldale BBBF Program Director, Krisin Hohenadel, Shelldale BBBF Community Investment Coordinator and Teresa McKeeman, CFUW Guelph.

Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures (BBBF) was presented the CFUW Library Award for their Family Ties: Multicultural Family Literacy project in June 2016. The CFUW Library and Creative Arts Committee presents two separate awards of $4000 biennially; the Creative Arts Award and the Library Award. In 2015, the Creative Arts Award was presented to a community music school from Waterloo, ON and now Shelldale has received the Library Award.

Shelldale BBBF will use the money to buy sets of books translated into other languages. While learning the English version of a story at the centre parents will then be able to take those books home and read to their children in their first language. Tracy Otto, Chair of the CFUW Library and Arts Awards Committee presented the award at Shelldale – and highlighted the project’s ability to connect the whole family, while promoting and improving access to education as factors in its selection. Shelldale BBBF was sponsored by CFUW Guelph and won over 8 other applications!

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New CFUW Guelph award

March 2, 2016

One of the new grants that our club is giving this year is $500.00 to Family and Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington County which is designated for the Education Support Program. which assists Crown Ward (CW) youth or former Crown Ward youth with expenses associated with post-secondary education.

According to Carolyn Tait-Guest, the Fund Development Coordinator, the Education Support Program of the Children First Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to important programs not currently funded through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. For many children and young adults who have been affected by abuse and neglect, obtaining an education can be a difficult task. The Education Support Program offers each CW youth/former CW youth attending a post-secondary education program a $2,000 award given in two payments. In December, 10 youth attending a variety of college programs in the province received a $1,000 payment of this award. The CFUW grant was included in the payment to a young woman attending the Photography Program at Sheridan College.

CFUW Guelph Scholarships & Awards Update

February 7, 2016

One of the new awards we are giving this year is $500.00 to Wyndham House to support one or more of their clients who are moving on to post secondary education.

According to Leisha Burley, their Program Director, Wyndham House means more than a roof overhead or a place to eat a meal.  For them, it means a space where youth are empowered to develop skills, make impactful decisions, contribute to their community, forge their identity and ultimately reach their full potential.  In order to foster this philosophy, Wyndham House offers a variety of programs to ensure all youth – regardless of where they are at in life – are given the opportunity to make healthy decisions and bring greater stability to their lives.

Wyndham House offers the following programs:
•    Long Term Transitional Housing
•    Emergency Shelter Services
•    Community Classroom – New Way
•    Outreach Supports and Services
•    Youth in Transition
•    Prevention Based Recreational Programs

Ultimately, their programs aim not simply to transition youth to independent living, but to help them build the skills and confidence necessary to become successful adults and members of the community.
Leisha envisions our donation being used to support one or more clients who are going into their first year of post secondary education.  Some areas that she can foresee supporting are: residence deposits, text book fees, tuition support, and IT support (printers and/or funds toward a computer).

Leslie Snell, Chair
CFUW Guelph Scholarships & Awards Trust Fund

Will female politicians face more harassment after Ontario Court of Justice decision?

February 1, 2016

farbridgeFemale politicians have long faced an enormous amount of harassment that their male counterparts have not.

Karen Farbridge, the former, three-time Mayor of Guelph, spoke at our January general meeting on the subject of women in politics. Karen spoke about her experience dealing with the misogyny and prejudice faced by women who seek or hold public office and how social media has exacerbated this problem in recent years.

Other female Canadian politicians have also spoken about their experiences – in the 2014 municipal election, Olivia Chow and Kristen Wong-Tam were both attacked on the basis of gender and ethnicity. Hilary Clinton has been plagued by misogyny throughout her political career and it continues in her 2016 US Presidential election campaign.

In light of Karen’s comments, it is disturbing to listen to the recent discussion on CBC’s The Current about on-line harassment and the court’s decision that Gregory Alan Elliott is not guilty of criminal harassment of two women.



2015 Graduate Scholarship Winner in Human Health Nutrition

January 13, 2016

Leslie Snell presents 2015 Graduate Scholarship in Human Health Nutrition to Kaitlin Rooke

Leslie Snell presents 2015 Graduate Scholarship in Human Health Nutrition to Kaitlin Roke.

On November 23rd, the College of Biological Sciences held their first ever awards dinner to honour recipients of the various scholarships and awards. I attended the dinner and was pleased to present our Graduate Scholarship in Human Health Nutrition to Kaitlin Roke, our 2015 award winner.

The dinner, which was held in the Summerlee Science Complex Atrium, was extremely well done and I was most impressed with calibre of the students at the ceremony. It was easy to see that Canada will benefit enormously when these intelligent young women and men join our work force and begin to influence the future direction of our country.

One of the new awards that we are presenting in 2015-16 is $500 to the Lakeside Hope House Bridges out of Poverty Group that has been a part of our outreach program for the last two years. Mary Crome, a Circles Coach has informed us that they have selected a highly motivated leader who is currently working towards a specific Certificate for work. The social connections she has gained through her Circles Allies has led to an employment opportunity in her field dependent on her completing the course. They are very excited about this leader’s progress and are pleased to be able to offer her this money for educational support.

As many of you know, Circles is an evidence based initiative to fight poverty in the community. Different from other programs, Circles uses the power of social Capitol in the form of intentional friendships and community, to support people who are leading their families out of poverty. These people are called Leaders. Leaders who have an educational or employment based goal for self-sufficiency are matched with Allies who are economically stable for support guidance and mentorship along their journey. In the two years that Mary has been a Circles coach, she has witnessed people overcome huge debt, go back to school, gain valuable and meaningful work experience and increase their self-esteem. Some of their Leaders graduate to not only become self-sufficient but also give back financially to the program.

Leslie Snell,
Chair, CFUW Guelph Scholarship and Awards Committee