Every year, CFUW Guelph’s Interest Groups and members put together Chalmers Community Services Christmas bags, which are given to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

The contents should be new and of good quality in a reusable shopping bag. Bags can be brought to our November General meeting, and we will arrange to have them dropped off at Chalmers Community Services Centre.

List of items

  • One pair warm gloves
  • One pair thick socks
  • Regular size shampoo (not conditioner)
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste and/or dental floss
  • Shaving cream for men/box of tampons or pads for women
  • Shower gel, body wash, or soap
  • Antiperspirant/deodorant
  • Package of 5-10 disposable razors
  • Boxed candy or boxed chocolate (not homemade)
  • Small jar of instant coffee, box of tea bags, or tin/box of hot chocolate

If it is not convenient for you to put together a bag, a cheque made out to Chalmers Community Services, 41 Macdonell St., Guelph N1H 2Z4 will support the work of this non-profit organization which provides food, clothing, a drop-in café, referrals to social service agencies and a listening ear to many Guelph women and men going through a very rough patch in their lives.