CFUW Guelph Scholarships & Awards Update

One of the new awards we are giving this year is $500.00 to Wyndham House to support one or more of their clients who are moving on to post secondary education.

According to Leisha Burley, their Program Director, Wyndham House means more than a roof overhead or a place to eat a meal.  For them, it means a space where youth are empowered to develop skills, make impactful decisions, contribute to their community, forge their identity and ultimately reach their full potential.  In order to foster this philosophy, Wyndham House offers a variety of programs to ensure all youth – regardless of where they are at in life – are given the opportunity to make healthy decisions and bring greater stability to their lives.

Wyndham House offers the following programs:
•    Long Term Transitional Housing
•    Emergency Shelter Services
•    Community Classroom – New Way
•    Outreach Supports and Services
•    Youth in Transition
•    Prevention Based Recreational Programs

Ultimately, their programs aim not simply to transition youth to independent living, but to help them build the skills and confidence necessary to become successful adults and members of the community.
Leisha envisions our donation being used to support one or more clients who are going into their first year of post secondary education.  Some areas that she can foresee supporting are: residence deposits, text book fees, tuition support, and IT support (printers and/or funds toward a computer).

Leslie Snell, Chair
CFUW Guelph Scholarships & Awards Trust Fund