1. Women and Politics

Women comprise roughly 50% of the population in Guelph and surrounding communities. They are graduating from post-secondary education in unprecedented numbers. Yet women continue to be underrepresented in politics and in leadership positions at every level of business and the professions. We believe that women have something unique to offer. We need far more women, including young women of all backgrounds and social statuses, to see themselves in positions of power, and to see politics as part of their future. To this end, we are working with like-minded community groups and individuals to increase women’s participation in politics and other leadership positions.

In February 2017, we hosted a meeting of a select group of key organizations and individuals who we believed would help provide input into what’s needed.  The purpose of the meeting was to share the results of new research that is relevant to our local and surrounding communities and to do some brainstorming around what’s needed and preferred next steps.

Along with our partners, we see this project as being a collaborative effort and we are keen to help jumpstart a shared dialogue and initiative that meets the needs of women interested in leadership in the political and related realms. Our goal is to roll out a community event that is valuable to women who are interested in politics and leadership late in early 2018. We also believe that although women-focused, it is important we have active participation of men and representative groups.

“Women need to be asked to run for office three times more than a man. Do you know a woman who would make an excellent political representative? #AskHer to run!”

We need your participation to help shape this event and to ensure that it meets the needs of potential women leaders in our community. Please contact us if you would like more information.


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