A Community Connection with Guelph Wellington Bridges out of Poverty

CFUW Guelph has partnered with the local Bridges out of Poverty program to help lift individuals out of poverty. Our partnership has been funded by member run dinners held immediately prior to our monthly General Meetings. These funds have been used to support coach positions and training of coaches for the program. As well, in 2014-2015 we provided 2 dinners for the weekly Circles meetings (meetings of those in poverty and their mentors ~ 50 individuals).

We were also invited to sit on the Guiding Coalition (Board) for this program and Isobel Boyle, our representative and chair of our Advocacy Committee has attended monthly meetings and provided input into the local development of this program. We have also provided small levels of support for those in poverty: books for course, course fees, computer support.

Our goal has been to have a local partnership which promotes the goal of advocating for those in need, promoting social justice and supporting education.