2. Community Projects

Our club has established a Community Connections Fund and has actively raised monies that can be used to support both continuing and one-time community projects. Any club member can suggest one-time projects and as a club we choose our continuing partner every 3-5 years. All projects and partners support the purposes of CFUW Guelph.

Projects (2014 – present)

  1. Food4Kids (2022 – present
  2. Bridges out of Poverty (2014-2022)
  3. Municipal Campaign School (2021)
  4. Women in Politics (2016-17)
  5. Community Forum on Childcare (2015)

2012 Projects

  1. Habitat for Humanity Adopt-A-Day (2012), providing fundraising and construction support for the 2012 Women Build in Guelph
  2. Kanga Project (2011-2012), funding a year of high school for a student in Tanzania.