When we celebrated our 60th anniversary at our 2005 Annual Meeting, Ann Middleton presented a Retrospective.

Our Banner, with its blue background and vibrant red poppies symbolizing Guelph’s link with John McCrae and his poem “In Flanders Fields”, represents us at home as well as at CFUW National events. In 2007, our banner was renewed by the CFUW Guelph Textile Art Group, who recreated it in the spirit of the original banner, using modern materials and methods.

Our Founding Goals

Beyond the mandates of the national and international organization, in 1945, CFUW Guelph’s inaugural club proposed three goals:

  1. To urge action toward establishing a museum in Guelph
  2. To approve the creation of a cultural centre in Guelph
  3. To prevent the sale of indecent literature in Guelph

CFUW Guelph’s Community Initiatives