Advocacy Committee

Within CFUW Guelph, our Advocacy Committee coordinates and /or takes the lead on much of our advocacy work, including:
  • Meeting on a regular basis with our federal and provincial politicians:
    • to inform on current CFUW policy based on resolutions passed at our National AGM,
    • and,  to convey our positions on legislation proceeding through parliament or the Ontario legislature.
  • Responding to opportunities to give input and comment on relevant government-commissioned studies and reports.
  • Sharing our views through face-to-face meetings and correspondence with municipal politicians on issues of concern in Guelph and Wellington County.
  • Implementing CFUW policies where members have a particular interest, expertise or passion: for example, our members’ interest in poverty led to development of a resolution in favour of a basic income and our local involvement in Bridges Out of Poverty.

The structure of the committee involves a body coordinating the activities of working groups championing issues important to the goals of CFUW. Regular committee meetings are held montly, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, (September through May). Working groups meet on an as-needed basis, depending on their project. New members are welcomed based on their interest and time availability.

Dorothy Fisher, Chair