Advocacy Committee

Within CFUW Guelph, our Advocacy Committee coordinates and /or takes the lead on much of our advocacy work, including:
  • Meeting on a regular basis with our federal and provincial politicians:
    • to inform on current CFUW policy based on resolutions passed at our National AGM,
    • and,  to convey our positions on legislation proceeding through parliament or the Ontario legislature.
  • Responding to opportunities to give input and comment on relevant government-commissioned studies and reports.
  • Sharing our views through face-to-face meetings and correspondence with municipal politicians on issues of concern in Guelph and Wellington County.
  • Implementing CFUW policies where members have a particular interest, expertise or passion: for example, our members’ interest in poverty led to development of a resolution in favour of a basic income and our local involvement in Bridges Out of Poverty.

The structure of the committee involves a body coordinating the activities of working groups championing issues important to the goals of CFUW. Regular committee meetings are held monthly (September through May). Working groups meet on an as-needed basis, depending on their project. New members are welcomed based on their interest and time availability.

Chair – Deb Thompson