Standing Committees

CFUW Guelph has a number of committees responsible for overseeing the operations of the club.  Volunteering for a committee is a great way to get involved in the ongoing work and long term sustainability of the club.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee, Susan Brown, President

Directs the activities of the club according to the constitution and bylaws, and standard operating procedures

Advocacy Committee,  Chair – Vacant

Directs advocacy activities of the club, including meetings with elected officials.
Represents CFUW Guelph at Ontario Council Standing Committee meetings.
Members are welcome to join on an ad-hoc basis for any issue.

Communications Committee, Heather Bailey, Chair

Responsible for all club communications, including monthly newsletter, website, advocacy blog and CFUW Guelph events

Heather Bailey, Chair

Jennifer Yeo, Newsletter Editor

Clare Irwin, Assistant Newsletter Editor,

Esther Semple, Web Manager

Janet Hodgson, Database Manager

Hospitality Committee, Barbara Kuczynski, Chair

Responsible for all hospitality activities of the Club.

Member Services Committee, Beth Taylor, Chair

Keeps current member records and membership lists and coordinate interest groups.

Program Committee, Virginia Gilham, Chair

Responsible for arranging a program of speakers related to the goals and purposes of CFUW and for the logistics related to the lecture portion of all general meetings.

Non-Executive Standing Committees

Archives Committee, Mary McEwen, Chair

Keeps a record of matters pertaining to the club’s history

Document Review Committee

Reviews the Constitution and Bylaws annually
Revi1ews the Policies and Procedures annually

Chair – TBA
Member – TBA
Member – TBA

Nominations Committee

Prepares slate of officers for the executive and scholarship committees for the following year

Member – Barb Hale
Member – Sandra McCormick
Member – Kerry Detlor

Resolutions Committee

Reviews CFUW National and Ontario Council resolutions

Scholarship Committee, Cathy Farr, Chair

Administers the scholarship and award funds

Treasurer – Jeanette O’Hara Hines
Secretary – Carol Herrmann
Member-at-Large – Mary Woodside
Appointed – Vice President (TBD)
Two Ex Officio – Executive Committee President and Treasurer